Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election predictions

Our side will lose seats, but I predict that the Republicans will hold both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House. Mike DeWine will barely beat Sherrod Brown.

The Democratic Party will descend into vicious infighting as it tries to assign blame for its failure. John Kerry will be the first and most prominent whipping boy. The left-wing blogs will scream bloody murder about "voter suppression" and "election fraud", since they cannot comprehend the possibility that the majority of voters don't share the left's beliefs.

The Dinosaur Media will breathlessly report electronic voting problems and will try to sway late voters with wildly inaccurate exit polls purporting to show Democrat victory in the offing. Once it becomes clear that the Republicans have squeaked out a win, the media will openly bemoan Democrat ineptness, finally casting aside any illusion of objectivity and impartiality. They will continue to hemorrhage what little credibility they still have, and the next round of newspaper circulation numbers and TV news ratings will show major drops across the board.

My Congressional District, the 13th, will be saddled with Democrat Betty Sutton, which is a no-brainer thanks to the inept and under-funded campaign of RINO Craig Foltin.

Issue 2 (boosting the minimum wage) will pass by a close margin, Issue 3 (legalized gambling) will fail by a close margin, Issue 4 (limited smoking ban) will fail, and Issue 5 (total smoking ban) will fail by a large margin.

I grind my teeth to say it but I think Ted Strickland will be our new Governor ... yet Ken Blackwell will only lose by less than 7%. Most importantly, Blackwell will capture more than 1/3 of the black vote, which will ring alarm bells throughout the Democratic Party.

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Todd said...
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Todd said...

[edit - fixed typo. bad fingers]
Many of your predictions seem to based on nothing more than wishful thinking, which I don't begrudge you. And maybe your predictions will be spot-on. But what will happen if the consistency of the polls is accurate? Will the GOP be claiming voter fraud (kettle, meet pot)? Who will be the Republican whipping boy? Bob Taft (He was the GOP golden boy in 2002, getting endorsements from the Columbus Dispatch, Dayton Daily News, Cincinnati Enquirer and Cleveland Plain Dealer. What media bias are you talking about?)? Ney? Noe? Foley? Blackwell? So many to choose from.
Maybe people are just fed up with W-style politics, where 'facts' must be polished and differing viewpoints crushed.
Is that so hard to imagine?


LargeBill said...


It is a given going in that Dems will have a few percentage points of fraudulent votes. Whether it is dead people voting or it is people voting in more than one state, we understand we need more than a majority in order to win. Heck, in 2004 Bush needed 60% of the living legal votes in order to get credited with 53%

Todd said...

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Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

I would believe the Democrat's desire for a fair election if they followed the rules and didn't fight ID requirements the way that they have. Poor and homeless people can't afford an ID? Let's help them get one, but please give me a break.

As an historical aside,the Democrat machine and big city political bosses have been know to cheat so much that its a cliche to note it.

Todd said...

Ok, if corruption is so rampant on the Democratic side, then you won't have trouble matching the fraud 1-to-1 to the Republican fraud in this election season:
-Robo-calls that violate state laws.
-Push polls.
-Knowingly continuing to air untrue and misleading ads.
-Fake 'Voter Guides' passed out at polling places.

Ok, I'll give you ACORN - the crimes committed by some of their workers and volunteers is embarrassing, but nullified.

As for ID requirements, why not just have everybody carry their papers with them at all times. It would be a real boon to the 'yellow-star applique' market.