Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Predictions

OH 13: Betty Sutton. This is a Democratic safe seat. If Sutton can’t win, the Democrats are in big trouble everywhere. On the plus side, she can’t be much more of a lefty than Sherrod Brown. Warning note: Sutton was endorsed by Emily’s List, perhaps one of the more extremist abortion groups around.

Senator: DeWine in a cliffhanger, probably featuring litigation if Sherrod Brown doesn’t win. As the TBMD reader knows, I’m not a big DeWine fan, but he’s the second coming of Ronald Reagan compared to Brown.

Governor: Ted Strickland. The sheer incompetence of the Taft Administration (essentially, applying an economic policy that relies on strangling the business environment with regulations and taxes), combined with incompetence and runaway spending that might make Robert Byrd blush, has tainted Ken Blackwell (as well as DeWine and others). Blackwell didn’t run a sparkling campaign, and if there’s one thing the MSM hates (almost beyond their hatred of W) is black conservatives. Ohioans: get ready for more taxes, regulations, unemployment.

Attorney General: Betty Montgomery. She’s competent, hardworking, and looks like your grandmother.

Auditor: Mary Taylor. Another race where competence trumps the CW that Republicans can’t win.

Secretary of State, Treasurer, Supreme Court: No predictions; haven’t followed these races at all. Would be good to have more conservative justices.

Board of Education: Debra Owens Fink. Tom Sawyer is the embodiment of a tired political hack who’s overstayed his welcome.. The OH 13 Primary was presented to him on a platter, but he couldn’t summon the effort to beat a collection of 40 watt bulbs like Betty Sutton and Capri Cafaro. The only positive thing you could say about Tom is that at one point, he understood the value of trade. That’s not a big requirement at the school board, where the issue of the day is trying to restrain the rapaciousness of the NEA.

State Issue 1, Worker’s Comp. No opinion.

State Issue 2, Minimum Wage: Passes narrowly, throwing thousands of teenagers and unskilled workers out of work in January 2007, and combined with Strickland, futher poisons Ohio’s business climate for years to come.

State Issue 3, Gambling (amendment to insure that no racetrack owner’s daughter has to drive a two year old Mercedes) fails. Casinos may or may not be a good idea, but it’s not a good idea to let the prospective casino owners write amendments to your constitution.

State Issues 4 & 5 : Nanny state initiatives. I’d like both to fail (and I’m not a smoker), but at least one will pass.

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