Sunday, November 05, 2006

Has Ted Strickland No Shame?

{/sarcasm off}Well, if he did, he wouldn’t be running for Governor of Ohio as a ‘progressive’. Received a robo-call from Ted endorsing the amendment to put teenagers and unskilled workers on the breadline, aka, issue 2. .

Either Ted does not realize that raising the minimum will create either unemployment, price increases, or both, in which case he’s too stupid to function as governor, or he’s cynically attempting to dupe voters into throwing the unskilled out of work.

From a progressive standpoint, it’s a twofer. Increasing unemployment creates demand for the government to ‘do something’ (increasing it’s size, power, and economic destructiveness), and the blame always falls on the evil capitalist running dog businessman. A sad case of the worse, the better.

But, in the moral calculus of the ‘progressive’ world, as long as you claim to care about the poor, it doesn’t matter if your policies make their lives worse.

See here, here, and here for TBMD on the minimum wage.

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Anonymous said...

But Ted has made a deal with the Unions. Ted's political support is more important than the avialbility of un-skilled jobs!

Connect the Dots 2006 said...

I assume, of course, the headline is a rhetorical question.