Friday, November 03, 2006

An Interesting Campaign Endorsement

NOTE: Originally published on Right Angle Blog.

From the Blackwell Campaign:

Gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell today received the endorsement of the Call and Post, an African American newspaper serving Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. The newspaper believes Blackwell, “has thought long and deeply about the problems facing the state, and has developed a comprehensive way of addressing them.”

The newspaper noted that Blackwell’s election as Ohio’s first African American governor would be historic, but pointed to his qualifications and experience as the primary reason for its support.

“Next Tuesday, Ohioans will have the opportunity to make history in this state by electing Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell as the state’s next governor. We believe it is an opportunity they ought to take.”

“History is not the only reason Ohioans should pick the first African American either party in Ohio has nominated for its highest office. Blackwell brings two qualities to this position that are vitally important for success in this post: a bold vision and roadmap for the state’s turnaround, and administrative experience to carry it out.”

You know, with the surprising level of support that Ken Blackwell is receiving among black Ohioans, I am beginning to question the conventional wisdom that Tax ... er ... Ted Strickland is heading for a landslide victory.

I wonder how many blacks have been polled and hid the fact that they support Ken?

How much of the black vote will go to Ken and will voters that seldom vote come out to be a part of history?

I wonder how many Democrats think that they have the election in the bag and will count on others to vote while they head to the movies instead?

Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part, but I can't help but wonder if Ken and Bennett have something us their sleeves that will pull it out in the bottom of the ninth.

Suddenly, my crystal ball has become cloudy.

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Anonymous said...

Now if Bob Talf RINO's would get in the game for Ken!