Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Live Blogging Meta-Index

Ben Keeler is focusing on local and key senate races...

Non-SOB Alliance member but friendly SpaceTropic is doing updates throughout.

BMD is covering State Issues 2 & 3 plus Summit County and OH-13

Bizzy will be joining us later but has the Mother of all Collections.

Matt from WMD will be on the radio at WAR.

NixGuy has a thread going for voting reports.

Lots of posts at RAB.

Keep an eye on ABC TV News, I might make an appearance as a blogger from The Stump.

ONN has a votetracker they are going to test tonight. Might be good but probably not faster than your local BOE if it has a website.

Several of our folks will be liveblogging at this site as well, so keep refreshing.

Any other liveblogging efforts, comment here or email me dave -at-nixguy.com I'll keep this post updated and bumped.

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