Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Majority Leader John Boehner Statement on the 2006 Election

I’d like to congratulate House Democrats on a hard-fought campaign. We are deeply disappointed in the outcome, but as Republicans we must recommit ourselves to the principles that brought us to the majority and renew our drive for smaller, more efficient, more accountable government.

“I’ve said since January during my run for Majority Leader that that we as Republicans must return to the spirit of ’94 and its focus on reform. The American people strongly supported our ideas and agenda in 1994, and they still do.
We made progress this year by instituting greater fiscal discipline, rejecting some $45 billion in wasteful Democrat spending, enacting comprehensive earmark reform, and continuing to provide tax relief, but clearly we must do more and we must do better.

“Our challenge as Republicans is to regain our confidence, our courage, and our energy to address the big issues that matter – balancing the budget by reducing the size of government and cutting wasteful spending, reforming entitlement programs that aren’t sustainable for our children and our grandchildren, providing tax relief to enhance freedom and prosperity for American families, and strengthening national and border security.

If Republicans stand together and unite behind solutions and ideas that move us closer to our common vision of a freer, more prosperous America, I’m confident the American people will return us to the majority in two years.”


MartyFulbrook said...

Kelso, I'm going to re-post. I hope you don't censor me. We've disagreed in the past, but I think we do hold some core agreements. I think Boehner "gets it" and I think if the Republican Party follows this ideal, it will win in the future.

It is time to re-define the Republican Party. One thing that I whole-heartedly agree with Kelso on, is the party being one of fiscal conservatism. One of small government and low taxes.

It is time to embrace that ideal. The Karl Rove / Ken Mehlman strategy of the 51% victory doesn't work. It is a strategy built around wedge issues and unimaginative leadership. Focusing on the issues that divide the masses instead of bringing people into the party. I don't want anyone to change their beliefs or opinions on any specific issues. All I want is for the party to unite.

We HAD won two elections running on seperation issues andhad won by unbelievably close numbers. That strategy had been embraced by NRP people. We've seen tonight it has failed. IT was inevitable.

It's time to inspire again. Our ideas DO inspire. Our ideas will provide the best government for this country. But we have to take the risk of telling the nation those ideas. We have to take the risk of going out on a limb. The difference will be between winning by 51% and winning by a landslide. Reagan told us ideas. Let's uphold that ideal. IT's time.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

I am always interested in your opinions Marty -- even share quite a few with you. As I am just as fiscially conservative as I am socially, you are just fine with me.

I believe that you misjudge the hatred that the left has for fiscal conservatism as well. They are a party of big government and higher taxes. Or, do you only believe that abortion and the defense of marriage "divides" us? (The people sure keep passing all those amendments by large numbers!)

I look forward to fighting with you in the trenches for some sort of fiscal restraint finally from our party. Working together, we can stop the coming onslaught of Democrat goo.