Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Post Mortem

Here is another thought. The GOP vastly overestimated their hold on the SW part of the state, specifically Brown County and Adams and a couple of others. Greg Hartmann, R candidate for Sec of State, and a fine Clerk of Courts for Clermont County, I do not recall him coming to any of these counties at all. Blackwell only came down here in the later days, and did not attend big events or give enough notice to party machinery here to round up the base.

The GOP just looked at the 2004 map and saw rural counties went for Bush in big numbers and just assumed, Hell, we don't have to campaign there, we don't have to do a damn thing except show up.....Well, guess what? Just having your name on the ballot doesn't work. Note to the GOP: DON'T TAKE RURAL VOTES FOR GRANTED....EVER....AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

It should be interesting to see the fallout from this. Blackwell isn't just losing, he's getting clownstomped by 20 points. Seems like it's as likely to push the Republican establishment back to the middle as anything.

But then, DeWine is firmly in the middle and he also lost by a fairly wide margin.

So can this cycle just be chalked up to the Taft hangover? Or are Blackwell and DeWine just unlikeable personally? Or a combination? Or something else?

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

The loss is surely to be partially blamed on conservatives (especially Christians who came out in large droves in 2004) sitting out the election.

I do not believe that the GOP leadership, as currently assembled, will do anything but move to the "center" (read left) -- am I missing something?

Mark said...

Well, Steve, your rather wingnut rants aren't going to make them think that there are anyone reasonable in the conservative camp, quite frankly.....

Mark said...

Kelso, this is my fear as well. However, when you go to the extremes you are talking about, you will turn off the leadership and they will ignore you totally as some sort of whackjob. What we need is reasoned arguments for why the party needs to move right, as opposed to moving further left. Thinking about it logically, if you look at the southern part of the state, and the Christian part, as you said Mr. Kelso they stayed home because they felt the party was too in the middle.

However, extremism in the form of the rhetoric on here and calling someone a fat pig, and seeking to wedge everybody is not going to do anything but piss off people who should be thinking about common ground. Do we want the party to be in the state it was after Goldwater v. Rockefeller? Hmmm???? I think not.

Blackwell is getting smacked down by the party insiders, who were afraid of blackwell taking away some of their sacred cows, and not doing enough to dispel the garbage about what blackwell would do with certain state monies.

What we need is a new look, with real conservatives. Bob Bennett and his ilk must be shown the door. However, we cannot have the crucifix waiting for him because it will lead to further fractioning.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Since when did defending the Constitution become "nutty?"

Let's nominate Betty for governor, watch her win, and then measure the difference between her and Strickland and Taft.

If you think that I am radical, I would advise you to read the words of the Founding Fathers -- they make me look like a choirboy. The taxation and government involvment that they were fighting pales in comparison to the power that the government has today.

It is sad that when we agree with each other so much, you must retreat when a conservative stands up strong. You can do what you want and call me names if you want (it's OK for you but not me? Betty is sacred but you can say such things about me? Surely you can see), but I do not apologize for not backing down.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Mark: I believe that the ORP is at a turning point. If you follow recent history, you will note that liberals are streaming south through the upper Midwest. Look at how New Hamshire is changing (note their state motto! Not exactly far removed from my style, huh?)

I am mad and the leadership deserves to hear from me. There is a time for calmness and a time for anger -- now is the time for anger. Tomorrow we get along; today we vent.

Goldwater to Reagan was equal part planning and part outrage at the state of America.

I voted for DeWine today, even though he did not deserve my vote. I am in no way some "nut" that you can write off (reacting to my name-calling and anger by resorting to name-calling and anger?) We can agree that Chaffee should lose? i go farther and think that Betty should lose.

Surely you know how I feel and can ramp down your extreme language?

Are we not on the same team?

Mark said...


I am not retreating when a conservative stands strong....I am saying, in my opinion, is that you are not helping what must happen for ohio, that we move in a conservative direction. Don't go spouting about the Constitution, either, because I share much of your beliefs about the government. However, you must win the day and debate. Just barking off "unamerican," "fat pig," "coward," is not going to move the debate forward, in my opinion. Your mileage may vary, as I am sure it will. However, you talk about your fears about the party moving further to the center/left. Saying what you are saying in the way you are is not going to help the cause. But, feel free to continue. I won't engage in trying to silence you or shout you down, but I will not retreat from engaging you when I think you have stepped over the line, as I feel you have.

Mark said...

Steve, we are on the same team. I want a more reaganesque ohio gop. However, blind anger and passion is not going to do it. Many of those you are now blaming for staying home have the same passion and blind anger, and what did it do? It gave the majority of the house of reps to the pro terrorist, anti american left.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Then I suppose that we disagree over little but the anger of paying for the political "sins" of liberal Republicans whose "sins" we must bear?

I voted for Taft the 1st time and I hurt many people who suffered because of his policies. That suffering is real and not some failed move on a chessboard.

I also would use the Reagan model to gain power and move the party to the right. But there is much to be angry over and I can't apologize for it.

I lived through the times that lead up to reagan and believe me, righteous anger was a part of the foundation that led to that glorious rebirth of freedom (and no, I do not believe that I am exagerating about that, either.)

As for calling people cowards, Jean Schmidt, in my opinion, had nothing to apologize for. :)

Mark said...

As far as jean goes, I don't think she had any reason to apologize either.