Tuesday, November 07, 2006

OH 01 and OH 02 Are Still Nail-Biters

Chabot is up by 600 votes with about 65% counted. 37% of Butler that remains should help, but Hamco depends on which precincts haven't come in yet.

Schmidt is up by about 5,000 with about 18% of Hamco and half of Scioto left. She's in better shape than Chabot.

Both are so much closer than they should be it makes ill.

UPDATE: Chabot up by 4,300. That would appear to be tough for Cranley to make up, because only 16% of Hamco is left, and the rest of Butler should give Chabot another 1,000 to work with.

Schmidt looks more vulnerable now. Her lead is down to 3,300 but Scioto is 100% in that total. Wulsin literally stole a 10,000 vote swing with the lies about the nuke dump in Pike and Scioto. Only 17% left in Hamco. She should hang on, but it's not a given.

UPDATE 2: Whew. SOS is missing 800 of Schmidt's 4800-vote margin in Warren Co.

UPDATE 3: CHABOT UP 10,000 with only the Butler co. and less than 15 of Hamco remaining. CHABOT WINS! CHABOT WINS!

UPDATE 4: Schmidt's 1400 lead at SOS STILL doesn't include 800 of Warren's margin. The SOS says Clerco's not done, but it it's all in there.

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