Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Repeat After Me: 'Diebold'

Michelle Malkin reports that lefties are starting to preemptively blame Diebold for all of their troubles.

And the media was just telling me yesterday how confident the Democrats were.

Historical Note: Democrat voters could not figure out paper ballots so the Democrat Party demanded that we spend millions of dollars on fancy electronic devices ... which Democrat voters cannot figure out...


Rusty said...

CNNMoney has a good look at Deibold from a management perspective, and it is all bad.

They dived into something they didn't understand, still don't understand, and have not hired the management and tech specialists to make it work.

But since the GOP in Ohio is going to get trounced today it probably won't matter.

Tomorrow we can get rid of Bob Bennett and start rebuidling the party around sane, honest people.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

I used a Deibold machine and everything was fine -- I even saw my choices printed out as I touched the screen.

You will excuse me if I do not believe CNN, won't ya?

Anonymous said...

The diebold machine I used in Cuyahoga County worked fine, it also captured, printed and displyed my vote. Even the Democrats seemed to have no problems using the machine!

Simple, easy, seems like pretty good technology to me. I have to imagine that the results will roll out of the precints a heck of a lot faster than previous elections as each machine should have a total for all votes casts and all they have to do is add'em up.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Anonymous: Never underestimate the capability of Democrat poll workers to mess even the simplest things up.