Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SOB-BS Brief Recap

First of all, thanks to all who managed to make it.

The morning session was pretty much devoted to talking out the last election cycle. Which was fascinating for people who really appreciate a good discussion of the finer points of Ohio politics. That discussion spilled over in to the afternoon session when Matt Naugle arrived...(the video of Matt teeing off a Bob Taft bobblehead is a must-see!)

The afternoon session was primary devoted to what we should do next... We settled in on watching a few state and local races as we build up to the next round of state-wide races. The key at this point is to maintain the majority in both chambers of the state legislature...(more on this in email)

Also discussed was a few items regarding what is next for the Alliance (also another email topic not for public consumption).

I know, it doesn't sound like much, but we actually got quite a bit done and had a pretty good time. Perhaps others who attended would like to fill in some gaps...

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