Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What Does the NY Times Know?

SOB Alliance member Right on the Right links to an odd New York Times story on how Dems may react if the absurd predictions of Democrat victories fail to materialize:

For a combination of reasons — increasingly bullish prognostications by independent handicappers, galloping optimism by Democratic leaders and bloggers, and polls that promise a Democratic blowout — expectations for the party have soared into the stratosphere. Democrats are widely expected to take the House, and by a significant margin, and perhaps the Senate as well, while capturing a majority of governorships and legislatures.

“Two years ago, winning 14 seats in the House would have been a pipe dream,” said Matt Bennett, a founder of Third Way, a moderate Democratic organization. Now, Mr. Bennett said, failure to win the House, even by one seat, would send Democrats diving under their beds (not to mention what it might do to all the pundits).

“It would be crushing,” he said. “It would be extremely difficult.”

Mr. Cook put it more succinctly. “I think you’d see a Jim Jones situation — it would be a mass suicide,” he said.

Real Teen provides some sound advice:

Better hide the Kool-Aid because tonight is a win for the GOP. Make sure you get out and vote, because you can help make this a big day.

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