Wednesday, November 08, 2006

While Old Men Like Me Rage at the Wind...

The future of America answers the call of history (from Right on the Right):

America’s Victory ‘08

Tonight, in the midst of Democratic victories which don’t really show the positivism of the Left, but only show the horrible failures of our party, I’m announcing the creation of America’s Victory ‘08. America’s Victory ‘08 will be an organized effort amongst bloggers, registered voters, and hopefully candidates, to field strong Conservative candidates in 2008, not only to challenge the new Democrat majorities, but to run for President, and to replace weak Republicans who don’t think Conservatively. AV ‘08 will only endorse/support candidates who:

- Are Completely Dedicated To Winning the War in Iraq
- Are Completely Dedicated To Broadening and Winning the War on Terror
- Will Secure Constitutionalist Judges For Our Courts
- Will SECURE Our Border, Without Amnesty, Without Exception
- Will Represent Strong Moral Values (on abortion, gay marriage, etc…)
- Will Work on Reducing Spending, and Balancing Our Budget

This is obviously just beginning, and we’re looking to rally support as quickly as possible. We’re talking about a new Contract With American here folks. We’re talking about winning wars, securing borders, and telling America what our beliefs are really about. We’re talking about re-capturing the essense of our nation. Let’s survive the next two years, and secure victory in 2008.

–To Join, Send an Email to Planning will begin almost immediately on some sort of blogroll, some sort of website, and some sort of discussion group. We’ll try to move quickly!

Sign me up!

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