Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why Mary Taylor?

UPDATE: Please read this view from the left (especially the comments) and see that we, those who seek to end the silly racial divisions and create a society where race means much less than it does today, also have enemies on the left. In some ways, I think that they may even be stronger than the ones I wrote of in this article. The old men who struggled to save segregation are dying and even their children are getting old. As for the left, our children in high school but especially college are being brainwashed into the bizarre beliefs of these racial huckesters. As much I dispise blind bigotry, I am much more fearful of a man who, with eyes wide open, attempts to engenieer a society where the elite decides the winners and the losers, dividing us into more and more nonsensical categories.

Please do not get the wrong idea, I supported Miss Taylor for the post and voted for her, but I must question again: why?

Of all of the Republicans to win, why was she the one? It has been noted that Betty Montgomery was one of the highest vote getters in history, yet she lost? (Yeaaaa!!!!!!!!)

I realize that Rep. Sykes was surrounded by a little scandal, but so was Marc Dann (he makes Taft look like a child when it comes to Pay-to-Play).

When Paul over at Newshound suggested that one of the reasons that Ken Blackwell would not win election was because of the color of his skin, I scoffed. I do not mean to say that that was the reason that he lost, it was not. In fact, I believe that if he ran as I advised him, he might have won. I am not a Democrat and I am not going to run around making excuses.

I have no proof of the reason why Mrs. Sykes lost and there may have been factors that I am unaware of, but, since we are so close to the season of good will toward men, it seems like something we might like to ponder.


Anonymous said...

I believe that Blackwell being black did hurt him in rural areas. He didn't win even in very heavily Republican areas. Similarly, I think it's the main reason Sykes lost (like you I'm glad she did).

I think (but am not sure) that if you look back at Blackwell's numbers from past elections, you'll see that he never drew as many votes as the other Reps.

I think this is improving with the years, and I'm not for the stupid liberal solutions that make things worse, but I think it's just a fact. Not that our rural areas are loaded with racist hillbillies, but sometimes it's hard to get people to vote for people in other races. That is true of any race.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say people "of" other races...

NixGuy said...

I think you're right vis-a-vis taylor, but I don't want you to be right.

cbaus said...

I think a case could be made that it's because the Auditor's race was the only one in which the Republican was unquestionably pro-gun, and her Democrat opponent was unquestionably anti-gun opponent.

In the Governor's race - both candidates pro-gun.

In the Treasurer's race both candidates pro-gun.

In the Attorney General's race, Betty Montgomery was anti-gun, while Democrat Dann is pro-gun.

LargeBill said...

It has nothing to do with guns.

As an Ohioan, I'm ashamed to say there is no doubt that race still plays a part of the decision process for some people. My brother-in-law (up in Shelby county) told me a couple weeks ago that he has had people say to him "I ain't voting for no n!&&@#." I doubt the folks who said that are the only ones who think like that.

Personally, I thought the people who wouldn't vote for Blackwell because of race would be offset by black Democrats who would vote for him only because of his race. I clearly was mistaken.

Anonymous said...

I think it's the main reason Sykes lost __________ fill in the blank.

Besides being a nut?

Anonymous said...

As a liberal, Taylor is basically the only republican I voted for. Why? Because I liked the idea she was a CPA, and her one commercial with Sykes saying "I did vote for the tax hikes" (or whatever exactly she said) totally turned me off to her. I hope she'll use her knowledge to clean up the office and do a great job.

MartyFulbrook said...

I don't think Blackwell being black hurt him. I mean, it may have to the tune of a few votes, but not to that great an extent.

The thing that hurt him most are his negatives. They were polling at 45%. That's close to half of everyone asked who didn't like him. You don't win with those numbers. It's one reason (of many) why no Republican candidate for Ohio's Governor since 1912 has lost by that big a margin.

Tollies said...