Tuesday, November 07, 2006

WTF, Over?

The polls here in Ohio closed nine minutes ago.

I've had Fox News' Election tracker up and running most of the evening, and as you can imagine there are no tallies yet to share.

Then why are both Fox and Real Clear Politics already declaring Ted the Taxer Strickland as the winner of the gubernatorial election?

At first, I thought this must've been a mistake. Then, I looked at Fox's website.

Even ONN is calling the race for Strickland.

Let not your hearts be troubled, as Hannity would say. Remember 2004? AP called Kerry the winner just before 8pm eastern?

It ain't over yet!

EDIT: Fox seems to have learned the err of their ways.


Modern Esquire said...

They may have removed the news story projected Strickland as the winner because the polls in Cuyahoga County were ordered to stay open until 9 p.m. by federal court order.

Since they typically try to avoid projecting winners before the polls have closed, they probably declared him the winner when the polls did close only to remove it when they realized that not all of the polls have closed.

Chucko said...

Elections aside (is that possible tonight? hehe) looks like you're a WoW fan. Maybe we should start a S.O.B. guild!

Steve the Pirate said...

SOB Guild?

I'm there.

What server do you play on?

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve, sorry about the delayed response... I've been pretty busy at work. I'm on Runetotem (60 gnome warlock, Giblet)... we have a bunch of guys locally that play and a guild setup already there, but I also have a few unguilded toons on Eldre'Thalas, or we could start one up on your server if you're unguilded. Let me know!

Tonight I get my first crack at Molten Core... I doubt we'll get past the first boss, but we'll see.

Food for thought:


Anonymous said...

Looks like that didn't come out quite right...