Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You Can Still Kill Your Kid in South Dakota

The South Dakota abortion ban has been overturned and the misstep by the pro-life community has temporarily set back the cause.

First off, Kennedy is the 5th vote for Roe so the ban was DOA (pun intended) from the start. Secondly, we have yet to convince enough Americans that we much choose life over the "inconvenience" of pregnancy.

Abortion will eventually be abolished in America, but now is not that time. As for me, I will not give up until abortion, like slavery, is abolished forever.


Anonymous said...

It should be a state issue and I think it will be eventually. If you are suggesting a nationwide ban, that is not a conservative position.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

I support a constitutional amendment to abolish abortion -- something that I believe is a fine position for a conservative/libertarian to hold (thus my support for it). :)

LargeBill said...


Minor stuff like drinking age and highway speed limits should be state issues. Life and death issues like slavery or infanticide can not be allowed anywhere in a decent country. The Civil War can be attributed partly to the idea that evil could be tolerated as long as we allow it in only some states.

Today we look back in disbelief that we ever treated people as property. We can only hope that a hundred years from now people similarly look back with disgust at how we allowed the murder of millions of children.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...


Siarlys Jenkins said...

I have been praying that the voters of South Dakota would have the wisdom to vote as 55% of them have. Today I am looking for sites which denounce that vote, because we all need to talk. It is clear that there is no consensus in this nation for harsh criminal penalties, for putting women and doctors in prison. It is also clear that abortion is NOT the simple, painless, easy option some feminists proclaimed after Roe v. Wade. We need responsible ways to help women who (a) are preyed upon by men who have no intention of taking responsibility for any child that may result, and (b) to share responsibility with pregnant women considering abortion, to actively help them make it through pregnancy and raise the child successfully. That is a huge commitment, but it is the only honest way to prevent abortions. It is neither a good choice, nor a fit subject for the blunt instrument of the criminal law.

Steven J. Kelso Sr. said...

Oh how I pitty you Siarlys. Could you fit even more male sterotypes in? If women can have sex (where babies come from) and expect to run to the abortion clinic (the #1 reason why 95%+ abortions happen) because she gambled wrong, why must a man be forced to suffer? Call it a male abortion and move on. It is her body after all; don't want to give him a say whether is kid is killed or not but you want to make him pay? That does not sound like equality to me.

I am so sorry for the slave owner who "needs" to treat another human like a piece of meat; tell him to go pick his own damn cotton. Live up to your responsibilty and send a check to the folks who need help. Give a ride to the prenatal check up. Give up that 3rd car and help you best friend's daughter that messed up; don't let it ruin her life -- give her a 2nd chance.

But if you are talking about taking the life of another human being, go peddle it somewhere else.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Dear Steven,

"The first half of an analogy is always easier than the second half, in which respect it resembles life, but not of course, love." Your pity and sorrow are presented in such a psychedelic kaleidoscope of mismatched images that it scarcely invites a sober or thoughtful response. It is neither true that all men are predators, nor that all women are sluts. If you want to prevent an abortion, you should present yourself outside the door of a clinic where abortions are done, with adoption papers in hand, to offer a specific pregnant woman that you, yes you, putting your time and money where your mouth and your principles are, will take full legal responsibility for her child, if she will only carry it to term.