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NBC rejects ad from conservative group

AP: NBC has rejected a TV ad by Freedom's Watch, a conservative group that supports administration policy in Iraq, that asks viewers to remember and thank U.S. troops during the holiday season.

-

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Campaign season 08

I myself have volunteered many hours on the phones getting votes for candidates running for office and endless hours for Bush 04 and Blackwell. Even though I had to be nice, I was ticked off several times when I would call and the person on the other end would say we are voting for your man but leave us alone and take us off your list. PLEASE! Stop being stupid, this is the way we get votes, this is the way we campaign, this is the way it’s won or lost, deal with it. We want our guy to win, so the next time your in the bathroom, your having dinner or you and your spouse or mate might be working on adding to the population and you decide you must answer the phone and someone ask who you are voting for, be nice and deal with it.

And since I am talking campaigns, lets talk disgruntled Republicans. I am not saying that we don’t have reasons to be upset with President Bush. But I truly don’t think that the problem is with him as it is with the extreme liberal left machine with special interest groups such as “” and extremist Michael Moore and Hollywood nut bag jobs George Clooney, Rosie
O’Donnell, and the list goes on that pound the conservative base over and over again with there agenda and feeding the Democrat piggy bank. We must unite against the liberal machine November 08 and vote for the Republican candidate. Are you really that mad that you would vote for a 3rd party candidate that would help Hillary win the White House?

When campaign season starts and the Republican Primary has decided the Presidential nomination, The one thing that should be on our mine is how are we going to beat Hillary, not how am I going to punish the Republicans for not putting my guy in.

We can not afford to fight and let Hillary win the White House. If the Ohio and other Republicans across The nation will focus on stopping Hillary Clinton, she does not stand a chance.

The ball is in our court. What are we going to do with it?

Hillary will win the Democrat nomination.

Hillary Clinton can not be President!

Friday, November 02, 2007

What I am!

A friend sent this to me in a e-mail, I posted it on freedoms right also.

Verified at Snopes: Here is someone with the money to fund a rebuttal to what Howard Dean, Democratic National Committee Chairman, said recently that many Republican have never done an honest day's work in their life. The following full page ad was placed in the Washington Post by a businessman named George J. Esseff, Sr. He paid $104,655.60 to run the ad and only did it because he is sick and tired of the way that 'the rich' are portrayed by liberals these days. I think it is a great read.

Maybe you're a Republican? In today's America ask a growing number of high school and college students, their teachers and professors, the self-anointed media elite and/or hard working men and women of all ethnicities the question, 'What is a Republican?' and you'll be told '.. A rich, greedy, egotistical individual, motivated only by money and the desire to accumulate more and more of it, at the expense of the environment, the working poor....and all whom they exploit...'
I am a Republican - And I am none of those things...and I don't know any Republicans who are!

WHAT I AM first and foremost, is a loving husband of some 72 plus years, the father of four and an American who's proud of his country...and his country's heritage

WHAT I AM is the grandson of immigrants who risked every-thing, including their lives and those of their children , to escape tyranny in search of freedom.

WHAT I AM is a man who grew up during the Depression and witnessed first hand the effects of the Stock Market crash and the soup lines that followed. I watched as both my parents and grand parents, who had very little themselves, share what food they had with a half dozen other families, who had even less.

WHAT I AM is someone who worked his way through college by holding down three and four jobs at a time and then used that education to build a better life.

WHAT I AM is a husband who at age 24 started his own business for the 'privilege' of working 60, 70 and 80 hours a week, risking everything I had including my health, in search of a better life for myself and my loved ones.

WHAT I AM is a businessman whose blood, sweat and tears and plenty of them..., made it possible for me to provide a secure living not only for my family and myself, but also for literally hundreds of my employees throughout the years. Employees who in turn were able to buy their own homes, raise their own families and give back to their communities and their country.

WHAT I AM is a man who believes in God; a God who has blessed this country... And all for which it stands.

WHAT I AM is someone who knows, if you doubt miracles exist in today's world, you need only to look into the face of those who received them....and the eyes of those who give them.

WHAT I AM is an American who's proud that his President embraces a belief in God; proud of a President who understands, as 'politically incorrect' as it may be, there is evil in this world and for the security and safety of all freedom loving people everywhere, it must be confronted...and it must be defeated. WHAT I AM is an American who takes comfort in the knowledge that our President refuses to allow decisions concerning the very safety and security of this nation, to be governed by the political whims of foreign governments.

WHAT I AM is tired of hearing from leading Democrats who see only negativity in America; racism in her people; class warfare in her society and 'political incorrectness' in her character.

WHAT I AM is a former democrat who now understands that it is the soldier and not the reporter that guarantees us our freedoms of press, speech and dissent.

WHAT I AM is a man who believes in the sanctity of life. A man who is repulsed by the pandering of the political left for votes, at the expense of the unborn.

WHAT I AM is a husband and father who believes in the sanctity of marriage and the preservation of the family unit.

WHAT I AM is an ex-movie goer who is repulsed by those insecure, socially inept, elementary thinking, ego-inflated 'entertainers' who have appointed themselves 'experts' in the fields of national security and geo-politics and then use their forum to attack this nation, its leaders and its actions....much to the delight and encouragement of our enemies.

WHAT I AM is an American who understands the difference between 'censorship' and 'choice.' Evidently, these individuals do not, because when these same 'celebrities' receive public ridicule for their offensive actions, the first thing they yell is 'censorship.' What they seem incapable of understanding is...the right of free speech and dissent is shared equally by those well as those who offend. I support and will continue to support those films and performers whom I choose to a nd refuse to support those I don't. It is my right as an American a right I will continue to enthusiastically exercise.

WHAT I AM is a voter, tired of politicians who every time their voting records are subjected to public scrutiny, try to divert attention from their political and legislative failures by accusing their opponents of 'attack ads' and 'negative campaigning'....and the news media who allow them to get away with it.

WHAT I AM is a Catholic who loves his God and his Faith and who's been taught to respect all religions whose teachings are based in love, peace and charity. As such, I am embarrassed and ashamed of those individuals in both private and public life whose decisions and actions are devoid of any sense of character or morals; individuals who are only driven by what's best for them....rather than what's right... often times at the expense of many.... including our national security.

WHAT I AM is a realist who understands that the terrorist attack that murdered hundreds of innocent Russian children could have occurred here, in our heartland. That's why I sincerely believe America needs now, more than ever, a President who sees with a clear and focused vision and who speaks with a voice when heard by both friend and foe alike is understood, respected and believed.

WHAT I AM is eternally grateful to Ronald Reagan for having the bravery to speak out against Communism and the courage of his convictions in leading the fight to defeat it; and George W. Bush for the vision, courage, conviction and leadership he has shown in America's war on terrorism amidst both the constant and vicious, personal and political attacks both he and his family are made to endure.

WHAT I AM is a human being, full of numerous faults and failures, but a man nonetheless who though not always successful has continually strived to do 'what's right' instead of 'what's easy.' A man who is challenging the religious leader s of all faiths, to not only preach to their congregations the fundamentals of 'what's right' and 'what's wrong,' but to also then hold them accountable for their actions in both the public and private sectors.

WHAT I AM is disgusted with the Courts who on one hand call the murder of a pregnant woman a 'double homicide,' but then refer to the abortion of her baby as 'pro-choice'.

WHAT I AM is someone deeply troubled by a political party which embraces a candidate whose primary 'leadership' qualities center around his protesting of the Vietnam war and his labeling the honorable men and women who fought in it, (50,000 of whom gave their lives in that action), as rapists, and war criminals (John Kerry). That same political party then stepped forward this year to block the appearance of a true Vietnam war hero, retired Admiral and former United States Senator, Jeremiah Denton, (a man who spent seven years and seven torturous months in a North Vietnam prison), from speaking before an open session of the California legislature as part of that state's 4th of July celebration. The reason Democrats gave for refusing to allow this American hero to speak before their state legislature was because of the 'conservative' nature of his views. As an American, that troubles me well it should you. (Are you listening Mr. D?)

WHAT I AM is a man who feels the need to spend, ONE HUNDRED & FOUR THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED & FIFTY FIVE DOLLARS ($104, 655.60, tax paid) of his own money, to purchase this advertisement, in order to set the story straight. Some may say this money would have been better spent feeding the world's poor. At the risk of sounding self- serving, as an American and as a Republican, for the last six decades of my life, I have done exactly that...and more. Following the examples of my parents and grand parents, I have used my earnings to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, provide housing for the elderly and medica l care for the sick..... and continue to do so...and I'm not alone in that work.

WHAT I AM is someone who is paying for this announcement at my sole expense in hopes of opening the eyes of those led blindly by ill-informed elements of our great nation, who, through either ignorance, or malicious intent, repeatedly attack and belittle those of us who belong to a political party that holds true to the belief, 'The rights of the governed, exceed the power of the government.' For those interested, I am speaking only as a tax-paying individual who is in no way associated with the Republican National Committee, nor with any of its directors, or delegates.

WHAT I AM is a man who understands, 'the American way of life' is a message of self-empowerment for all.

WHAT I AM is an American who is grateful that our nation gives each of us the opportunity of self-determination and the right to benefit from the fruits of self achievement.

WHAT I AM is an American who wants to preserve that way of life for all who seek it.

WHAT I AM is blessed to be an American.... and proud to be a Republican.

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freedom's right has a new address

freedoms right is back at

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Vigilant Freedom Media Alert?

Just checked my mail and was wondering if any other fellow SOB’s got this same e-mail…

You are receiving this email newsletter because your blog has been selected on the basis of its pro-victory, patriotic content, to receive limited distribution Media Releases from the Center for Vigilant Freedom’s Blogger Outreach Program. To unsubscribe, use the links at the bottom of this email.

*****Dear Blogger,
Today, those of us who believe we must win the war on terror have an extraordinary opportunity. Freedom’s Watch has released several moving and emotional commercials to major television and radio outlets from veterans and their families - people who have given the ultimate sacrifice. will talk a lot about the quitting and giving up in Iraq. But what they won’t discuss – and in truth, what they just don’t care about – is the overwhelming cost of U.S. and Iraqi lives and security if we give up too soon and lose this war. We are asking you to join us on this national media day. You can watch these heartbreaking testimonies of Iraq veterans and their families at:

Then please call 1-877-222-8001 and tell your Member of Congress that defeat is NOT an option!

We're also asking you to help spread this message. Host these videos at your blog, and urge your readers to contact their congressmen as well. Help get the word out that victory is America’s only option!

For more information on these ads or Freedom’s Watch go to:

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Handy tool for SOB members

I got tired of using proprietary software to keep track of all the news feeds and blogs that I check daily, and I found the "My Yahoo" service clunky at best ... so I built something on my own. It collects all of my regular sources on one page, allowing me to keep up with everything at a glance.

Feel free to use it yourself, fellow SOB-ers, or save a copy and alter it to suit your needs. The HTML is pretty bare-bones and clean, so it ought to be fairly easy to customize.

Here's my info dump. I hope someone finds it useful. If you snag it for your own use, just remember to grab a copy of the stylesheet too (or it'll look nasty).

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Time to nuke a spammer!

My e-mail's been spotty lately, so hopefully one of the SOB Alliance tech wizards will see this. Courageous Conservatism has been taken over by a spammer.

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Ohio’s Paris Hilton in the News Again

This just in from NBC4…

Charges Filed Against Mayor's Wife The wife of Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman was charged on Monday after an investigation surrounding timesheets during her career with the Ohio Department of Development.

- Read More…

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Ken Blackwell Hosting Bob Burney Live

Fellow SOB’ers: Ken Blackwell will be hosting Bob Burney live this afternoon from 3 to 6pm EST.

Here is a link to listen to the show online:

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C-Span Circa 1992: Gore Slams Bush Sr. for Ignoring Iraq’s Ties to Terror

Al Gore actually making sense!? Who knew this could happen!

Conference Call with Congressman John Boehner

Posts by VikingSpirit, LincolnLogsBlog, Right on the Right and WMD are up...

UPDATE: Porkopolis has a post up.

UPDATE 2: Gribbit has his post up and will be talking about the call on his internet radio show tonight on TIB Radio [Listen here] at 9PM tonight.

UPDATE 3: Right on the Right has a follow-up post with a round-up.

UPDATE 4: BearingDriftOhio chimes in...

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Carnival Time

This week's installment of the Carnival of Ohio Politics is here.

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New Member Announcement

Please welcome Bearing Drift Ohio to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance! Brian recently moved (back?) to Ohio from Virginia, where he was pretty active in the blogosphere.

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Carnival Barking

Get this week's Carnival of Ohio Politics from Newshound here.

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New Member Announcement

Please welcome Don of Liberally Conservative to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance!

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New Member Announcement

Please welcome Bob from One Bob's Opinion to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance. Bob hails from Xenia in Greene county...

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New Member Announcement

Please welcome Elaine from Lead Us Forward to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance!

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Well Connie, your not my hero!

A few weeks ago I stated in my blog that I was done writing about the Plain Dealers famous Ohio queen Connie Schultz and her liberal agenda. I did not want my site to become the Connie Schultz hate blog, and so I wrote one last article in an attempt to show the danger of her bias liberal writing.

On Tuesday March 27th Connie Schultz had a article called “ I can’t be proud of War Advocate”. As I said on my post I will never win the Pulitzer, but more people need to speak up about there Government regardless of writing skills. The world is fill with collage graduates with out any common sense, I have talked to people who can put a computer together backwards, but they have no clue how to put a stamp on an envelope. Connie Schultz seems sometimes in her writings to be one of these people.

Her opinion on Condoleezza Rice was appalling and unpatriotic. There are people who work in companies who never buy there products that is produce there, but do the job and do it well. Because they support the people that put them in that position. Condoleezza Rice is a patriot, and is one of my American Heroes.

But Lets look at the people that Connie calls her heroes. Hillary Clinton, no comment necessary. Drew Gilpin Frost, a Women Harvard President that received her fame from writing about the negatives of War and never about the heroes.

She also talks about Mothers like Cindy Sheehan who go around and dishonors the memory of there lost loved ones in war protest. If my Son was to die in a war that had gone ugly as Iraq has, the last thing I would want to do is dishonor his memory by screaming let bring the troops home before the job is done or leave a country in an unstable condition with an enemy that still wants to kill us so they can rebuild so the can achieve there goal.

She also named Nancy Polesi, again I don’t think any comment necessary. But Connie’s writings is always telling her readers they need more tolerance with the liberal agenda, so
when will Connie write about the mothers that lost sons in the war that are helping out with the USO, and helping other families and counseling other mother and families that have lost there sons?

when will she right about the women that counsel unwed mothers into saving there babies instead of killing them. When well she write about protecting the right of the Christian conservative rights to go to Church and teach as it is in the Bible, against Baby Killing, against homosexuals, when will she write about and support the American family?

She will never do it! Because the flag burning, baby killing people of the world are her heroes, Senator Sherrod Brown said in his victory speech last November as goes Ohio in 04 so will it go in 08, well he has the liberal media on his side.

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New Member Announcement

Please welcome Gary from the Taxman Blog to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance!

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A thousand words' worth on Hillary as President

Now that Hillary Clinton's running for President, plenty of Republicans will point out her foolishness in matters of national defense. You can bet that she'll respond by complaining that mean conservatives are "questioning her patriotism." Here's an effective graphic that will counter that ploy and remind voters that it's her judgment they should doubt.

Hillary is a patriot

Feel free to save a copy on your own server and use it in posts on your blog. It'll fit nicely in any sidebar too.

Big Bouvier News

A win in the Herding Group!! Whooo Hoooooooooo!

Normally, the Bouvier des Flanders is too much dog for the hairdresser crowd at Westminster.

Carnival of Ohio Politics

#61 is here.

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Carnival of Ohio Politics

Get this week's edition here.

New Member Announcement

Please welcome Ron from the Big World Blog. Also being added to the ranks is Ron's team blog with King: A Team Ohio.

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New Member Announcement

Please welcome King's Right Side to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance! King is a regular commenter at Right Angle...

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At WMD, the Whole Damn Show Is On Fire!

Tooting my own horn a bit here, but over at WMD there are several stories posted today by yours truly that I think Merit the alliance's attention, especially as it relates to Ohio. The first is a story titled "SW Ohio says Bennett Must Go!" based on conversations held at our county's central committee meeting with our state CC rep. Also, there is a grave issue regarding the sanctity of the ballot box that has united Democrats and Republicans in my county. It is titled "In Ohio, Your Ballot is NOT A Secret Ballot". In addition, we bash Pelosi, we bash some dumbass congresswoman from Colorado who wants us to kill more babies, and we continue to assault the drunken murderer of Massachusetts. Please stop by, my friends! And also make sure to listen to the Matt Hurley ShowWMD Program tonight! Yep, yours truly, TWDS Mark Garbett, will be making an appearance and generally taking over the show. Have a great day, and continue fighting the good fight,


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10 Questions for Ken Blackwell

An FYI News Exclusive

Note: First Posted on FYI News

Ken Blackwell, Ohio’s former Secretary of State, ran a campaign for governor that not only gained national attention – but also international attention.

He’s been called “The Anti-Obama” by the Chicago Tribune, “The Republican Hillary” by The Other Paper, and a dog by the Rolling Stone. Needless to say, Mr. Blackwell is well known by the media and the political arena.

He recently took some time to talk to FYI News’ Vince Tornero…

FYI News: What have you been doing since the election?

Blackwell: I’ve been helping my Secretary of State staff work through what, in many of their cases, is a major disruption in their lives and in their careers. The administration of the Secretary of State’s office has not just changed from one person to another, but an inter-party change. There are about 45 people on my staff who will be looking for new employment. So, this is a pretty tough holiday season to make that transition for many of them.

I have also reflected on what I would like to do in the first quarter of next year in the bigger effort to advance important ideas that will transform our nation and our state.

FYI News: What kind and how many job offers have you received since the election? Do you plan to take any?

Blackwell: I have had a lot of folks who have expressed an interest in me working with their respective organization. Anywhere from starting a new business enterprise, to joining corporations, to serving on boards of directors of publicly traded and privately held companies, to a variety of think-tanks both regionally and nationally.

I want to take my time and reflect on the offers and the opportunities and make a determination as to where I could have the most significant impact. I have always, in my 32 years in public service, been driven by something I heard Mother Teresa say: “Sometimes we find ourselves by losing ourselves in service to others.”

FYI News: If you could change anything about this past election, what would it be and why?

Blackwell: Even though I came out victorious and won by a substantial margin (in the primary election), the contest fractured the party. I’m not sure we ever pulled the base back together. If we could have avoided it, it probably would have had some impact on the November outcome.

I actually have much to be thankful for. In the whirlwind of uncertainty associated with politics, I was blessed with a core of volunteers. I think we came away from this political setback with a clear understanding that there are 1.4 million Ohioans that share a worldview, values, and aspirations.

You play the hand that’s dealt you; we played it to the best of our abilities.

FYI News: Do you plan to run for public office (specifically governor) again?

Blackwell: I haven’t made that decision; that option is not off of the table.

I’ve been engaged in public service and electoral politics for 32 years. I love service and I love politics. So, I would imagine that if the opportunity revealed itself again, that I would seize the moment and the opportunity.

I know that we will be re-engaged in that arena (of public policy) within the first quarter of next year.

FYI News: Do you think that the media played a large part for Republican losses? Why/why not?

Blackwell: I think the media had an impact, but I am not sure whether the media was the decisive factor in the outcome. I think the decisive factor was the frustration with the missed opportunity that Republicans had to change the government. In 1994, we were given that opportunity. The reigns of power were placed squarely in our hands. We controlled every constitutional office, the Supreme Court, and both chambers of the legislature. And, instead of changing government, government changed the Republican party in the state of Ohio. I think that sort of duplicity and failure to seize the opportunity of change frustrated a substantial number of voters – independent and Republican alike.

There is no doubt that the media in Ohio has a liberal bent. It just fed a momentum that was moving away from the Republican party.

FYI News: Do you think that race played any key in your loss?

Blackwell: Do I think that there were a handful of voters who voted purely on race? Yes. But you can’t quantify it, and I don’t think it was a significant factor.

What I know is that Republicans in the spring of this year had a conservative, African-American candidate versus a white, moderate-Republican candidate. They chose the African-American conservative to be their standard bearer.

FYI News: Do you have any predictions for the first years of the Strickland Administration?

Blackwell: What I’ve said consistently is that I am not going to engage in criticism or predictions about the Strickland Administration until after the first 100 days. He won the right to advance his agenda; there is an urgency in the state of Ohio that the agenda must be articulated and must start to have impact in the first 100 days. Once he lays that on the table – or fails to lay it on the table – we will engage in the process.

FYI News: What should your supporters do in the meantime; do you have any message for them?

Blackwell: I think we all must reflect on the lessons learned in this past election. We must make sure we strengthen our ties with our families and our networks. We must understand that voters did not reject the principles upon which we advanced my candidacy. We must stay in contact with one another. We know that time passes quickly. The key over the next over the next 100 days is to make sure that we stay in contact by telephone, by e-mail. We need to know that the strength is in our numbers.

FYI News: What is your best memory from the campaign?

Blackwell: There were so many magic moments in the campaign. In a word, it was the capacity of a campaign to beat the odds and to empower people with the spirit that we can get things done.

That’s why I have no doubt that everybody associated with my campaign knows that we were knocked down. We weren’t knocked out. We’re back up, we have our bearings, and we’re ready to fight the next round.

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