Wednesday, January 10, 2007

At WMD, the Whole Damn Show Is On Fire!

Tooting my own horn a bit here, but over at WMD there are several stories posted today by yours truly that I think Merit the alliance's attention, especially as it relates to Ohio. The first is a story titled "SW Ohio says Bennett Must Go!" based on conversations held at our county's central committee meeting with our state CC rep. Also, there is a grave issue regarding the sanctity of the ballot box that has united Democrats and Republicans in my county. It is titled "In Ohio, Your Ballot is NOT A Secret Ballot". In addition, we bash Pelosi, we bash some dumbass congresswoman from Colorado who wants us to kill more babies, and we continue to assault the drunken murderer of Massachusetts. Please stop by, my friends! And also make sure to listen to the Matt Hurley ShowWMD Program tonight! Yep, yours truly, TWDS Mark Garbett, will be making an appearance and generally taking over the show. Have a great day, and continue fighting the good fight,


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