Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A thousand words' worth on Hillary as President

Now that Hillary Clinton's running for President, plenty of Republicans will point out her foolishness in matters of national defense. You can bet that she'll respond by complaining that mean conservatives are "questioning her patriotism." Here's an effective graphic that will counter that ploy and remind voters that it's her judgment they should doubt.

Hillary is a patriot

Feel free to save a copy on your own server and use it in posts on your blog. It'll fit nicely in any sidebar too.


Anonymous said...

Mullah Cimoc say too much jack bauer tv show make ameriki so stupid for hate the muslim, loving the torture, bow down for masters in tel aviv.

this all rupert murdoch tv show man mind control this way.
This evil doing for usa media , now control so few company. Benjamin Frankling not like this not free press now in usa amerika.

for please now google: mighty wurlitzer +cia

then aemriki people know not free press in usa now. just keep the ameriki so stupid for serve the master in tel aviv.

Matt Hurley said...

when mullah cimoc's religion of peace stop blow crap up, American's might view mullah cimoc's people a bit differently. Until then, feel free to take mullah cimoc's attitude somewhere else...

Anonymous said...

HRC will be the best President,hands down.

Her versatility, her ability to compromise and of course her desire to end the Killing Fields of Iraq. With McCain you would only have 94 more years.

If your child is fighting in the playground do the teachers tell them to duke it out. Lol.
Verbalizing the differences and having a goal for peace is the credo of America.