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Well Connie, your not my hero!

A few weeks ago I stated in my blog that I was done writing about the Plain Dealers famous Ohio queen Connie Schultz and her liberal agenda. I did not want my site to become the Connie Schultz hate blog, and so I wrote one last article in an attempt to show the danger of her bias liberal writing.

On Tuesday March 27th Connie Schultz had a article called “ I can’t be proud of War Advocate”. As I said on my post I will never win the Pulitzer, but more people need to speak up about there Government regardless of writing skills. The world is fill with collage graduates with out any common sense, I have talked to people who can put a computer together backwards, but they have no clue how to put a stamp on an envelope. Connie Schultz seems sometimes in her writings to be one of these people.

Her opinion on Condoleezza Rice was appalling and unpatriotic. There are people who work in companies who never buy there products that is produce there, but do the job and do it well. Because they support the people that put them in that position. Condoleezza Rice is a patriot, and is one of my American Heroes.

But Lets look at the people that Connie calls her heroes. Hillary Clinton, no comment necessary. Drew Gilpin Frost, a Women Harvard President that received her fame from writing about the negatives of War and never about the heroes.

She also talks about Mothers like Cindy Sheehan who go around and dishonors the memory of there lost loved ones in war protest. If my Son was to die in a war that had gone ugly as Iraq has, the last thing I would want to do is dishonor his memory by screaming let bring the troops home before the job is done or leave a country in an unstable condition with an enemy that still wants to kill us so they can rebuild so the can achieve there goal.

She also named Nancy Polesi, again I don’t think any comment necessary. But Connie’s writings is always telling her readers they need more tolerance with the liberal agenda, so
when will Connie write about the mothers that lost sons in the war that are helping out with the USO, and helping other families and counseling other mother and families that have lost there sons?

when will she right about the women that counsel unwed mothers into saving there babies instead of killing them. When well she write about protecting the right of the Christian conservative rights to go to Church and teach as it is in the Bible, against Baby Killing, against homosexuals, when will she write about and support the American family?

She will never do it! Because the flag burning, baby killing people of the world are her heroes, Senator Sherrod Brown said in his victory speech last November as goes Ohio in 04 so will it go in 08, well he has the liberal media on his side.