Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vigilant Freedom Media Alert?

Just checked my mail and was wondering if any other fellow SOB’s got this same e-mail…

You are receiving this email newsletter because your blog has been selected on the basis of its pro-victory, patriotic content, to receive limited distribution Media Releases from the Center for Vigilant Freedom’s Blogger Outreach Program. To unsubscribe, use the links at the bottom of this email.

*****Dear Blogger,
Today, those of us who believe we must win the war on terror have an extraordinary opportunity. Freedom’s Watch has released several moving and emotional commercials to major television and radio outlets from veterans and their families - people who have given the ultimate sacrifice. will talk a lot about the quitting and giving up in Iraq. But what they won’t discuss – and in truth, what they just don’t care about – is the overwhelming cost of U.S. and Iraqi lives and security if we give up too soon and lose this war. We are asking you to join us on this national media day. You can watch these heartbreaking testimonies of Iraq veterans and their families at:

Then please call 1-877-222-8001 and tell your Member of Congress that defeat is NOT an option!

We're also asking you to help spread this message. Host these videos at your blog, and urge your readers to contact their congressmen as well. Help get the word out that victory is America’s only option!

For more information on these ads or Freedom’s Watch go to:


Scott Pullins said...

I did and have posted on Freedom's Watch.

Anonymous said...

Excellent ads! I have posted as well.