About SOB Alliance 2.0

The "SOB Alliance" started as the "Southern Ohio Blog Alliance" in 2005, when about a half-dozen bloggers in Greater Cincinnati and Portsmouth who had been pretty much doing their own thing got together during the free-for-all that was the 2nd District Special Congressional election primary campaign to stop a certain scandal-scarred Republican candidate from achieving victory.

Seven weeks later, during the "general election" for that congressional seat -- an election which gained national attention -- the newly formed SOB Alliance worked to expose the fundamental dishonesty of Democratic candidate Paul Hackett, who was telling district voters he was a George W. Bush supporter while calling him a, well, SOB when speaking with others around the nation. Thanks to contacts initiated by SOBers, Hackett's dishonest video was eventually seen by Rush Limbaugh, who spent Election Day lambasting Hackett, who ended up losing with 48% of the vote. The vote was seen as a referendum on the popularity of the Iraq War -- until Hackett lost.

Interest from other center-right bloggers around the Buckeye State encouraged us to make our tent bigger and to change the meaning of "SOB" to the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance. We are one of the oldest continuously running statewide blog alliancea in the country. We aim to continue making the State of Ohio Blogger Alliance a potent force in state politics.

On the positive side, we will support candidates and ballot issues which promote fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets; protect and respect life at all stages; and enhance citizens' freedoms within the framework of the United States Constitution.

Sometimes that will require an negative approach, meaning that we will work to save political offices from being occupied by unacceptable Republicans, unhinged Democrats, and severely conflicted individuals.